About Us

CollageCarlson Maine-Anjou is a family operation located 30 miles north of Kansas City near Plattsburg, Missouri. We have been involved in cattle business the since the 1960s and our families have raised purebred livestock for over 100 years. The Maine-Anjou breed has been part of our operation for over fifteen years. Our family has enjoyed being apart of a breed that has grown and developed into a leader on both the commercial and show-ring sides of the industry.

In the late 1990’s, we decided to expand our operation by adding another breed of cattle to herd. After looking at several breeds we decided Maine-Anjou cattle most closely fit our needs. We have continued to grow our herd with the goal of producing functional cattle with balanced EPD’s.

The combination of our experiences in the cattle, swine, and meat industries has allowed us to know what is takes to produce cattle that can excel commercially, in the feedlot and on the rail, and still have show ring appeal. Our goal is to breed a balance, we strive to produce cattle that are phenotypically acceptable and also have detailed documentation of maternal, growth and carcass data. The drive to produce well-balanced cattle has fueled this family operation for many years and has led it to become a successful business.

We will be offering bull calves, a few bred cows as well as show heifer and steer prospects next fall. Check our website later this summer for details. We will be offering calves sired by RRRC Magellan 350A, RBT Sports Illustrated 33, as well as top Angus and Simmental sires. We feel that this crop of calves will develop into the most competitive yet.

Our operation also builds volume bull offerings for larger commercial operations tailored to their specific needs.

Feel free to contact us at 816-560-3533 or stop by the farm.