About Us

CollageWelcome to our updated website. Over the past few years we have been focusing on improving our EPD profiles. The new digital beef program the Maine Anjou Association offers gave us an accurate way to measure our genetic trends and manage them accordingly.

We use this information to make critical breeding decisions not focusing on single trait selection but a more balanced approached. We realize you can’t breed livestock solely on numbers. While our product carries well balanced EPD’s from a phenotypic standpoint, they are structurally sound well balanced cattle. One of the hardest things to do in breeding livestock is to incorporate good balanced numbers with good looking functional cattle.

As you can see from the charts below we have been able to obtain explosive growth, increase milk production, grow carcass and ribeye size, and gain more marbling. With only effecting calving ease and birth weight only slightly as compared to the breed in general.

The charts speak for themselves with regard to comparing our program to the breed.

I hope you keep us in mind when you are shopping for your next genetic purchase.