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Thanks for taking time to look at our operation. We are a family operation located just north of Kansas City, Missouri. Our business experience encompasses all phases of the cattle industry from basic production to marketing branded beef programs, so we know what it takes to make our customers profitable. We focus on producing a balanced animal. Extremes and single trait selection do not influence our breeding decisions.

For several years we have participated in the Tri County Steer Carcass Futurity program developed by SW Iowa beef producers and Iowa State University Extension. The not for profit cooperative is managed by Darrell Busby retired ISU Extension Beef Specialist for SW Iowa. We believe this is one of the most comprehensive evaluations of a breeding program from birth to box anywhere in the industry. Every year a sire profit comparison report is published ranking each sire with a minimum of 5 head of offspring. Weaning data, feedlot efficiency, and carcass data are combined to determine the final rankings. Busby states “The formula for a high profit sire is: sires that wean heavier than average calves with excellent disease immunity, grow fast and efficient, produce more end product, and are slightly heavier muscled and have a higher quality grade.”

The 2014 results were just released (learn about Tri County Feeders). Smart Money our Sr herd sire ranked in the top 3%, Show Stopper an AI sire we used was in the top 4% and the first crop of Sport Illustrated calves ranked in the top 37%. This is out of over 3,500 sires and 77,000 head of cattle. Our cattle were compared to cattle representing Angus, Charolais, Simmental, Shorthorn, Limousin, Gelbvieh, and Red Angus breeds. Some of the best breeding programs and most notable sires in the US are represented. It‘s is also important to note our test cattle were all purebred Maine Anjou. While we give the bulls a large amount of credit for this success, I can’t emphasize enough these calves came from our tremendously strong cow base which influenced the results as well.

Whether you are looking for your next herd bull, donor cow, or show heifer we hope you’ll think of our operation first. Thanks for stopping by!